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Currently I’m an Associate Director in PwC’s Strategic Transport Modelling team, working mainly in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia with experience in professional services and engineering roles, including data analytics, transport planning, modelling and advisory.

My recent experience includes managing many transport data analytics, modelling and visualisation projects.

I have also been a Co-Founder of a tech start-up, CommmercePipe, which is in the big data and fin-tech industries. CommercePipe’s aim was to aggregate publicly available information sources including government open data, social media, news and company websites to form an extensive database of Australian businesses for sales, due diligence and risk management purposes.

Professionally, my key skills include data analytics, transport and traffic modelling, transport planning, infrastructure, light rail, business cases, cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, Python programming, APIs, GIS, business development and project management.

My Key Interests

& Economics

My high-level interests are in cities and the economic activity that happens within them. I enjoy being able to work in and contribute to the planning of major city-shaping infrastructure projects, including transit systems, light rail, highways, active transport and urban renewal developments.

Transport Modelling & Planning

I am a transport modeller and planner, with recent experience providing technical and commercial advice on transport infrastructure and property/urban development projects of varying scale and complexity throughout Australia.

Data, GIS & Software

New technologies are changing society. I combine my engineering and consulting experience with data analytics, GIS and programming. I enjoy learning increasingly more about these fields and applying it to produce innovation solutions.

Future of Transport

I'm fascinated by the changes happening in the transport world such as the raise of ride-sharing platforms, the potential for apps and MaaS to provide real-time transport information and improve the customer experience, through to the potential for AV's, EV's, demand responsive transport and high speed rail.


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